Posted by: laurenshaw18 | March 23, 2009


We started our weekend on Friday with our flight to Barcelona.

Getting Started

We flew over the Swiss alps which were absolutely gorgeous!

Swiss Alps

The landing was a big scary but we made it safe and sound. We took a bus to our apartment which was really nice. The sun was setting so we went out for dinner at an organic restaurant called “Organic is Orgasmic” which ended up being really yummy. Then we went to the beach and hung out for a bit before heading back to play cards and go to bed.

We were able to make breakfast the next morning. We did it Spanish style and made eggs with cheese, salsa and avocado. It was delicious! We went on a bike tour next.

Bike Tour Bike Tour Barcelona

It was a lot of fun, we met a bunch of fun people from the states but Clay was designated to be the last person so we would all be able to stay together since there was such a big group. There was one girl who didn’t really know how to ride a bike (don’t ask me why she decided to go on a three hour bike tour) so Clay had to hang way back to make sure she didn’t get separated. The tour included a free drink on the beach which was so beautiful. It was warm and sunny outside so we stayed as long as we could!

After the tour our butts were soar from sitting for 3 hours so we walked down Las Ramblas which has some awesome shopping and food.

Stella and Me

Then we headed back to the apartment to get ready and went out to dinner. Clay, Stevie and Stella got paella while I went and got a falafel. Haha, not very ethnic but it was still really good!! We went back to the apartment again to play cards and get ready and then we went out to a pub called the Black Sheep around midnight.

The Black Sheep

We had some drinks and met some nice boys. They were from America which was kind of disappointing but still fun. We left around 2:45 am because when Clay left to get some pizza he tried to steal a glass and they caught him and he was not allowed to go back in. Stella was wearing heels and when her feet started hurting we would switch shoes so after we got out of the pub we took turns walking barefoot/getting piggyback rides from Clay. 

Piggybacks from Clay

We had to check out of the apartment before noon the next day so we made breakfast again, cleaned and packed up and then headed to the beach where we ended up staying all day. It was kind of cold with the wind but we wrapped ourselves in some towels and took naps all day. We all looked a bit like lobsters when we woke up! Around 6pm we took a cab to the bus station and then a bus to the airport where we flew to Dublin. Yes, you heard me right. Yes, I know it’s out of the way. BUT it was cheaper than flying directly to airport Weeze (closest airport to school) and it gave us an extra day in Barcelona. We got in to Dublin around midnight and had an 8 hour layover. We found some chairs and curled up and tried to sleep. It wasn’t too bad, just a bit uncomfortable. I feel like a real experienced traveler now though! We got back to the castle just in time for lunch so everything worked out really well.

All in all it was a short and sweet weekend. Barcelona was beautiful and it’s definitely on my list of places to go back to someday!


xoxo Lauren


P.S. A couple weeks ago a bunch of kids at the castle learned and submitted this video to Beyonce’s new “Single Ladies” contest. She wanted to see her fans doing her dance. 

Here is the link to Beyonce’s version:

This is our version:

I’ll let you know if we win!



  1. I watched the Dance! Looks like alot of fun! Were you in the 2nd to last row…the 2nd one in? It was hard to tell but you moved your hair at the end and it looked like you!
    Love reading the blogs. I am so excited for all the things you are experiencing!
    Can’t wait to see you!

  2. I actually wasn’t able to be in the video. I learned the dance and went to all the rehearsals but they filmed that portion at 6 am and I woke up feeling really sick so I couldn’t get out of bed. I was disappointed but it looks great!

  3. Lauri is reading your blog now. Hopefully she will comment!

  4. You’re officially a seasoned traveler if you’re sleeping in airports for long periods of time. GOOD FOR YOU! I didn’t realize Barcelona was on your list of places to visit. A friend of mine from college went there and I was amazed at his pictures of the architecture. He was an artist so I think he felt quite “inspired” there. I think they also had a Picasso museum if I remember correctly. Where are you off to next? I can’t believe you’ll be home in just a few weeks.

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